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Williams, Anthony
C++ Concurrency in Action
Practical Multithreading (1. Aufl. 2012)
ISBN 978-1-933988-77-1
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C++ Concurrency in Action
is the first book to market to show how to take
advantage of the new C++ Standard and how to write robust multi-threaded
applications in C++.
With the new C++ Standard and Technical Report 2 (TR2), multi-threading is
coming to C++ in a big way. TR2 will provide higher-level synchronization facilities
that allow for a much greater level of abstraction, and make programming
multi-threaded applications simpler and safer.
As a guide and reference to the new concurrency features in the upcoming C++
Standard and TR2, this book is invaluable for existing programmers familiar
with writing multi-threaded code in C++ using platform-specific APIs, or in
other languages, as well as C++ programmers who have never written multithreaded
code before.
- When and when not to use concurrency
- Concurrency and multi-threading in C++
- Concurrency support in the New Standard
- How to improve performance with concurrency
- How to manage concurrency
- Problems and solutions in sharing data
- Synchronization and why we need it
- Memory model details